From January 2016 to Carnival

In the summer months, preparation for the Carnival gets busy and samba school hold at least one rehearsal a week.


In general, they happen in the hall of the sambaschool in the respective neighborhood or favela where they come from. One of the best known rehearsal nights is Mangueira rehearsal on Saturdays, in the favela Mangueira situated in the north Zone.

The doors open at 23.00 and it starts to get busy around midnight until 4.00 in the morning.


Who likes earlier rehearsals can check out the rehearsal of Alegria da Zona Sul in Copacabana beach on Sunday late afternoons 16.00-19.00. This one is even free of charge.

Thursday nights is the rehearsal of Academicos da Rocinha also in Zona Sul and not too far to get there.


Other rehearsals happen on other days, please ask me if you have a special day in mind when you would like to see a rehearsal.


Another interesting option are the tecnical rehearsals in the Samba-Avenue:


9 de janeiro, sábado
19h – Porto da Pedra
20h – Acadêmicos de Santa Cruz
21h30 – Renascer de Jacarepaguá

10 de janeiro, domingo
19h – Inocentes de Belford Roxo
20h – União da Ilha
21h30 – Mocidade

16 de janeiro, sábado
19h – Caprichosos de Pilares
20h – Império da Tijuca

17 de janeiro, domingo
19h – Paraíso do Tuiuti
20h – Unidos aa Tijuca
21h30 – Portela

23 de janeiro, sábado
19h – Acadêmicos do Cubango
20h – Império Serrano
21h30 – Unidos de Padre Miguel

24 de janeiro, domingo
19h – Viradouro
20h – Grande Rio
21h30 – Salgueiro

30 de janeiro, sábado
19h – São Clemente
20h – Imperatriz

31 de janeiro, domingo
19h – Lavagem Sambódromo
20h –Teste de som e luz
21h30 – Beija-Flor





Phone: +55 21 9 8866 3973


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