Parade in the Samba Avenue

for the Samba School Alegria da Zona Sul

Carnival is fantastic in Rio de Janeiro and you can party for fours days in all areas of the city. On the other side, it is also easy to miss Carnival, even in Rio.


There are the parades of the Samba schools in the Samba Avenue, the Avendida Marques de Sapucaí, in the centre. See the Parade, or parade yourself

There are also parades of smaller Samba schools in the Avenida Rio Branco,

but above all there are around 500 Carnival-Blocos, carnivalesque music groups of percussionists and wind players walking in all the borroughs of Rio, following set parcours.


This is the famous street party and definetely worth experiencing, though, nothing for people who have problems with crowds, sparcely dressed sweaty bodies, lots and lots of alcohol, crazy people trying to chat you up, and walking, standing, dancing many hours.


Some blocos are fantastic, some are not so great, I offer street carnival tours on Carnival Saturday and Sunday to blocos during the day, where it is all about dressing up, dancing, singing, and having fun.



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