I was born and raised in Germany and left my country at the age of 22 to live, work, and study in other European countries. I spent a couple of months in France and Belgium and nine years in England. 
My first contact with Brazilian culture was there, when I got envolved with Capoeira and started to go to parties organized by Cariocas playing Brazilian music. 
In 2002 I travelled to Brazil for the first time, in 2003 I came back and stayed until 2004, and in 2005 I came to stay. I studied simultaneous translation in the PUC Rio de Janeiro and trained as a tour guide with the school Marc Apoio. 
I started to work as a guide in 2006, first doing tours to the Northeast and Amazon Region, then specializing in tours in favelas in the city of Rio de Janeiro. 
I love Rio de Janeiro for its buzzing culture, art, and music scene. I like to show the visitors the hidden places, the jems that are difficult to find without knowing your way around the place. 
I love Rio de Janeiro for its people that make culture happen every day, be it through playing music, painting, teaching capoeira, participating in cultural manifestations, or preparing the carnaval. 
I like to show the visitors why I like Rio de Janeiro and that you don't need much to be happy. Life is hard but living can be easy. 



Email: isabellerdmann@gmail.com

Phone: +55 21 9 8866 3973


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