The Morro do Cantagalo is situated between Copacabana and Ipanema and we will start the tour in Ipanema at one of the metro exits of station General Osório: Rua Teixeira de Melo / Barão da Torre / Mirante da Paz. This is where the elevator to the communities is situated and the viewpoint on top of the elevator tower, the Mirante da Paz, is our first stop.

We will visit the favelas Cantagalo, Pavão, and Pavãozinho following a circuit of 25 graffiti art walls telling the past, the customs, the progress, and the present of the communities in pictures. Along the way you will get into close contact with the residents and understand this unusual way of living. You will learn about infrastructure, the samba school, the community centre, the municipal school, the resident's associations etc.

The graffiti project is called Casa Telas and was created by the Museu de Favela, MUF, an NGO created by culturally active people in the communities that aims to improve life in a favela by deconstructing social differences through culture. It aims at strengthening the cultural identity of the residents, uniting the different existing associations, building a bridge to the outside world, and integrating the favela into the city.

The communities are known for a great concentration of people active in sports, arts, and culture.

Activities and classes are happening on a regular basis and are of great variety: Capoeira, boxing, surf, jiujitsu, ballet, hip hop, folkdances, couple dance, circus training; also painting, photography, different musical instruments, music theory, singing, and samba percussion.

You will get to know a large part of the communities, and we will stop at various points that offer great views of Ipanema, Lagoa, and Copacabana.

The community has seven different entries and exists and the tour ends in Copacabana around  the corner of the street Sá Ferreira, close to the beach and close to the another metro exit.

Duration: 4 h

Difficulty: easy, must be able to walk stairs 

What do you need: Your camera; we are walking in urban areas so there are possibilities to buy drinks and snacks.



Cantagalo seen from above.

Tour option: Top of the Hill

Views, Atlantic Rainforest vegetation, visit of ACME's house and atelier



Phone: +55 21 9 8866 3973

Phone 2 : +49 1575 190 7004


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