Versatile, sporty, full of culture

Rio de Janeiro is a city, with all important institutions, entertainment, museums, theatres, cultural centres, etc;

it is countryside and nature in the Tijuca Forest, nature reserves, and on the hills covered with Atlantic Rainforest;

it is a holiday resort with great beaches, and touristic infrastructure at its best;

and it is the capital of samba, carnival, and everything else linked to music and showbusiness.

Above all, Rio de Janeiro is what it is because of its residents, excentric in the past, building fantastic residents and palaces, extravagant today, covering stairs with tiles, and houses with graffiti to create open air art galleries, inventive like the sellers on Ipanema beach and on the souvenir markets, talented like the musicians you will find all over the city or perfectly professional like the directors of the samba schools creating the fantastic carnival every year.


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